Training doesn’t just involve time on the mats or in the gym, ensuring your body is prepared and recovering from your training is vital to consistent progression and development. we not only offer daily martial arts training but access to prehab & rehab services including sports therapy, sports massage and japanese integrated medicine from experts in each field plus experts in nutrition and wellbeing.


Run by local experts Ben Causer and Dan Proctor, the treatment the Fit6 team offers will enable you to learn about the strength and conditioning your body requires to either prepare you for your training or help repair your body to enable you to maintain your current training.

More information about the services Fit6 offer can be found online at https://fit6.co.uk/.


Steve Sutton is the go to guy for sports massage. Steve has a background in rugby and has spent many hours on the treatment couch himself giving him a first-hand understanding of the many benefits that massage treatment can bring.

A sports massage is not just for sportsmen and women and you do not need to be injured to benefit. The far-reaching effects of regular massage are for everyone in every walk of life, maintaining the body in a body in a better overall condition which can help it work optimally for many more years.

Steve has lots of availability throughout the week at Genesis Gym!

To get booked in please contact Steve directly.
Phone: 07827 962 211
Email: [email protected]


Daryl Fitches is the movement, rehabilitation and Functional Strength training guru. Daryl specialises in Japanese Integrated Medicine. There is nothing the man doesn’t know about the body, how to rehab it, or how to make it move more freely and with more strength. You will often see Daryl working within his treatment room in order to get the best from everyone here.

Daryl works with a comprehensive coaching system of strength, dynamic neural stability, health and wellbeing that acts to functionally drive and improve the nervous system to help relieve pain, improve posture and ultimately improve movement tasks in an optimal mechanically efficient way.

It’s time to break free of poor movement habits and unlock your body’s potential. Your body deserves it, it’s the only one you have.

Move More, Move Better, Move Freely.

For more information or to book a consultation please ring 07886967349 or email: [email protected]


Xcelerate Fitness, run by Scott Marsh, an expert in Nutrition and Personal Training can be found within Genesis Gym. Scott and his team are renowned for helping individuals with fat loss, muscle gain, weight cutting for competitions, specific and complex individual nutritional needs and lots more.

For more information and to get booked in for your FREE initial 90-minute consultation head over to www.xceleratefitness.co.uk.

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